Workplace accidents: Worker becomes trapped in manhole

The vast majority of employers in Pennsylvania and across the country go to great lengths to protect their employees. Despite their efforts, however, Workplace Accidents can still happen, often leaving families reeling as a result of an unexpected loss. Unfortunately, a family in another state is likely still coming to terms with new of the recent death of a young man.

The incident that led to the 22-year-old man's death happened on a day in October. According to reports, he was an employee of Benchmark Construction, a company that was working to reline a storm sewer system.  The man was approximately 30 feet into a pipe when he became trapped.

Firefighters attempted to rescue him, but the effort was complicated by hardened material in the pipe. It reportedly took rescuers hours to saw their way through the blockage. When they were finally able to reach the victim, he had already passed away.

Because workplace accidents can happen even when all safety precautions are followed, employers in Pennsylvania and other states are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to help workers who are injured at work. These benefits can extend to certain family members and help them cope with the complications created by funeral expenses and lost wages. Unfortunately, many people are not prepared to negotiate with an insurance company on their own in the immediate aftermath of learning of their loved one's unexpected death. An attorney with experience with the compensation process can help these victims seek a fair settlement.

Source:, "Kenosha rugby team mourns loss of player killed in Illinois workplace accident", Pete Zervakis, Oct. 28, 2017

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