You have options if you see a work hazard

There is no good reason for an employee to be put in danger in their place of work. That is not to say that there are no jobs that are hazardous by nature. However, even if you know your position comes with a risk of injury, you should have received adequate training to protect yourself and safety equipment to prevent harm to the greatest extent possible. Sadly, workers throughout Pennsylvania suffer dangerous working conditions every day. 

This inadequate provision of protection is something all too many employers attempt to get away with, and it should not be tolerated. If you feel that your workplace is unsafe, you are within your rights to report the issue. If nothing is done, do not despair, as you can take the matter to the next level. If you report your concerns to OSHA, they may even be able to send out an inspector to determine the problem.

As this article on employee rights explains, in most states it is compulsory for businesses to have at least some form of insurance to cover workers' compensation. What this means is that if you are injured at work, you should be able to make a claim for remuneration, the precise amount depending on the financial impact of your injuries. This may take into account lost wages, medical bills and any long-term harm.

It can feel intimidating reporting a fault to your employer, but your safety is important, as is that of your colleagues. Your report could save a life. Furthermore, while you may worry about the safety of your job, it would be likely to count as retaliatory discharge if your employer attempted to fire you for raising your concerns. Even so, it can be a daunting task, but fortunately you are not alone. An attorney can suggest steps you can take to build your case and may be able to assist you with your claim.

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