Black ice causing motor vehicle accidents throughout region

As winter approaches, Motor Vehicle Accidents are inevitable. However, studies find that most accidents that take place in the winter months are just as avoidable as those that take place in warmer months. There's just one problem: people don't want to take the added precautions that are consistent with safe winter driving.

On Tuesday morning, freezing rain made roads throughout Western Pennsylvania very slick and difficult to navigate. In fact, much of the tri-state area came under a winter weather advisory. Various accident around Allegheny County brought traffic to a snarling standstill in places like Ingomar and Carrick, as well as closer to the city on the Veteran's and 31st Street Bridges.

A spokesperson from PennDoT said that he wasn't sure if ice was a factor in the crash along the Veteran's Bridge to Route 28 northbound that occurred shortly before 10 a.m., but that hundreds of calls were coming in at around that same time with people complaining of ice and drivers who weren't considering it. PennDoT implemented all sixty-five of its trucks to monitor roadways this morning.

A forecaster from the National Weather Service (NWS) originally said that the winter weather advisory would be in effect in Allegheny, Washington, and Butler Counties until at least 2 p.m. and that time may be extended with rain, sleet, and cold temperatures prevail. The NWS measured about a quarter-inch of precipitation this morning and into this afternoon.

Most are describing the ice as a "glaze" covering their vehicles, sidewalks, and streets. In truth, it's black ice. Most people see rain and temperatures at 34 or 35 degrees and they assume roads are just wet, but inanimate objects such as parked vehicles and roadways that sit it temperatures of below freezing overnight can turn that already near-freezing precipitation into ice in an instant.

As the winter approaches, take those extra steps to ensure your safety on our highways and bi-ways. Leave earlier, take well-traveled roads, don't tailgate, and let irate drivers safely pass you. If you've been injured in a motor vehicle accident by a negligent driver, call the Pittsburgh motor vehicle accidents attorneys at Dugan & Associates at 800-639-4314 today for a free consultation.

Source:, "Storm coats state's roadways with ice" 2 December 2014

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