Factory-Related Injuries

A candy factory near Pittsburgh is being faced with potentially $170,000 in workplace safety fines from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration after two workers were injured. The work-related injuries occurred after machines started up unexpectedly.

The first accident occurred in October 2011 when an employee sustained serious injuries to his head as a machine started prematurely at the O'Hara Township candy factory. For this accident, OSHA sought in excess of $84,000. The second accident occurred in February when an employee's hand and wrist got crushed in a machine that started unexpectedly. OSHA is proposing fines of $87,260 in relationship to the safety rules violated in that accident.

OSHA alleges that some of the machines owned by the candy factory are not properly locked, which could prevent the machines from accidentally starting up. The president of the company said that the safety programs employed at the candy factory are at the strongest point that they have ever been at, but that they will evolve as the company continues to grow. The president also said that the company is embracing the efforts by OSHA that could improve safety at the factory.

Pittsburgh workplace injury attorneys may be able to assist employees who sustain an injury while completing their work duties. A person may suffer from a back injury, spine injury, leg injury, brain injury or an injury that results from a fall. Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome may also result in a viable claim. A worker's compensation claim may be available that can provide compensation to the injured employee. A claim may result in reimbursement for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and compensation for pain and suffering.

Source: WPXI, "Pa. chocolate plant 'embracing' OSHA after 2 hurt", August 13, 2013

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