Common workplace injuries you may be unaware of

When we wake up in the mornings and head to work, none of us expect to be injured on the job. True, some people know that they work in higher risk jobs than others, but even those who work in high-risk jobs such as construction do not expect to be injured, and they cannot know when or if an injury will occur. The truth is that no matter what your occupation is, there is a chance that you will suffer an injury.

For many people, work-related injuries are instant and noticeable, such as fractures or head injuries. These often affect laborers who work around heavy objects or machinery, and occur when a machine malfunctions or safety standards are not upheld and something goes wrong. However, there are other injuries that are less noticeable, such as carpal tunnel and back or neck injuries. These injuries often affect office workers who spend long hours sitting in a chair, and they occur due to the repetitive nature of the job and the lack of mobility, causing muscles and joints to cramp or weaken.


All of the above-mentioned injuries are relatively common in any workplace, including in Pennsylvania businesses, and they are all covered by workers' compensation. If you are suffering from any kind of injury or illness, and you can prove that the functions of your job are directly responsible for the injury or that you suffered the injury while on the job, your chances to recover compensation are good.


The most important thing to do if you have been injured is to seek medical attention, and then you should inform your employer. After you have started the process, consider visiting our web page and contacting us for legal assistance. We can provide you with critical knowledge that may help your workers' compensation claim and allow you to maximize your benefits.

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