Carpal tunnel syndrome at the workplace

Employees in Pennsylvania may benefit from learning more about the facts concerning workplace injuries related to carpal tunnel syndrome. This health condition arises when a shift or swelling of tissue within the carpal tunnel inside the wrist joint irritates or squeezes the median nerve. Irritating the nerve results in a numb or tingling sensation inside the thumb and fingers. The abnormal sensations experienced in the thumb and fingers is referred to as having carpal tunnel syndrome.

When a similar sensation occurs in the feet and toes it is known as tarsal tunnel syndrome. However, developing this condition is far more unlikely than carpal tunnel syndrome. Unfortunately, many people are uncertain about which particular event contributed to the developing the wrist ailment. Technically, any activity that puts pressure on the median nerve can cause someone to develop carpel tunnel. Inflammation of the tendon can be work-related injury, such as typing for extended periods without a break.

Aside from repetitive maneuvers at work, researchers also believe that other causes of this condition may be attributable to diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, obesity and a small number of diseases, including leukemia. The numbness or tingling in the fingers and thumb is typically the most prominent indication that carpal tunnel syndrome is developing. The sensations usually occur at night and may disrupt some people's sleep. The condition may be just be temporary or may become more persistent. As the condition worsens, the numbness or tingling can develop into a burning sensation.

People who develop carpal tunnel syndrome from work may benefit from consulting legal counsel. Lawyers may be able to help investigate the cause of the injuries and help determine what remedies could be available, including workers' compensation benefits.

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