Detonation of flash grenade causes work-related injuries

Being a police officer or FBI agent in Pennsylvania includes interacting with many dangerous elements. While this includes criminals, agents could also be injured as a result of  devices that may be used to enforce the law. Because of the many workplace hazards that law enforcement and other workers face, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits. An FBI agent in another state may be entitled to such benefits under the  Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) after an incident resulted in work-related injuries.

The agent was injured on a day in mid-August. Reports indicate that a flash grenade, a device used to create a diversion when law enforcement officers are involved in incidents that could be volatile, detonated in the agent's car. The incident reportedly happened at a loading dock in the basement of an FBI building.

Although a statement from the FBI describes the incident as an "accidental discharge," it is unclear what caused the detonation of the flash grenade. The New York agent suffered serious hand injuries but is expected to survive. Authorities have assured the public that there is no threat of terrorism.

Unfortunately, the agent may face a long recovery as a result of work-related injuries. Often workers who are injured at work are concerned about their financial stability as medical bills and lost wages can quickly take a toll. As a result, many of these victims in Pennsylvania take extra steps, including hiring an experienced attorney to handle claims for benefits on their behalf and to help them fight for compensation that will ensure they are able to meet their financial obligations.

Source: CBS New York, "FBI Agent Injured When Flash Grenade Detonates At Federal Plaza," Aug. 16, 2017

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