Employer duties when you are injured, Part 1

It may be called "workers' compensation" but that name is deceiving. It isn't all up to you to ensure that you receive all of the necessary information, forms, and deadlines. Your employer is under a duty to make sure that you have access to a lot of that information. This post will go over some of your employers' responsibilities when you suffer an injury.

First, your employer is required to post a notice in a conspicuous place at all job sites. The workers' compensation notice will tell you about your rights, the basic procedures, and other standard information. Your employer must place these notices in places that you and your co-workers can quickly view them. If the notices are obscured, damaged, or illegible, it is up to your employer to correct the issue.

If your employer fails to comply with his duties, then that could be grounds to avoid an unfavorable workers' compensation decision or outcome. If you did your best with the information in your possession, you can't do much better than that.

Did you suffer a spine or arm injury while working your job? If so, then you may want to contact a workers' compensation attorney and get your application started. The workers' compensation system in Pennsylvania is harsh and unforgiving. If you forget a deadline or fail to include all of the paperwork, it could delay your benefits for weeks or even months. A lawyer can ensure that you get access to your benefits as soon as feasibly possible.

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