Forklift operator sues over workplace injury

A subcontractor working at a commercial loading dock in Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit against the operator of the facility after fracturing his arm at work. According to the complaint, the worker was injured on the job when items from the forklift he was operating that had been loaded by employees of the defendant fell on top of him.

The plaintiff alleges that the defendant company was negligent in allowing the items to be carelessly and negligently placed on the forklift, allowing the items to be stacked too high, failing to supervise its employees responsible for loading the forklift and failing to realize the risk at hand. It was the defendant's duty to maintain the property and the equipment in reasonably safe condition for those lawfully on the premises including subcontractors, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff alleges that he was unable to work after the accident, and is asking to be compensated for lost wages. He also lists significant medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of life pleasures as a result of the accident and is seeking more than $50,000 in compensatory damages.

People working with heavy machinery are particularly at risk for work-related injuries. Someone who has suffered an on-the-job accident due to hazardous working conditions may wish to speak with an attorney that has experience in workers' compensation matters. The attorney may be able to determine whether the client is eligible for coverage under workers' compensation law. That attorney may also be able to determine whether there may be alternative ways to seek compensation and redress for the injuries that have occurred.

Source: Pennsylvania Record, "Forklift operator sues Phila. distribution center over fractured arm sustained while on the job", John Campisi, October 02, 2013

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