Framework of Pennsylvania's industry regulators

Pennsylvania is a longtime industrialized state. In reaction to this heritage, Pennsylvania has a multitude of government entities that regulate many aspects of industrial, construction and other dangerous industries. All of these agencies fall under the umbrella of the Department of Labor & Industry. So, if you find yourself injured in a construction accident, then the first place you should look is there.

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation exists to ensure that workers, like you, are insured in the event of work-related illness, death or injury. It is supported by the Health and Safety Division, which enforces the regulations created under the Workers' Compensation Act. So, if your general contractor fails to get workers' compensation insurance, the BWC would be the agency that investigates the discrepancy.

The Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety administers and enforces safety codes for a variety of industries including construction, energy, asbestos, lead and many other heavy industries. If you believe that your employer is not following property safety procedures on the job site, then this agency would investigate any claims.

There are a smattering of agencies that enforce a variety of worker's rights. The Social Security for Public Employees enforces both federal and state laws regarding Social Security insurance Medicare benefits.

The Office of Unemployment Compensation Service Centers develops standards to ensure that workers are appropriately covered by unemployment insurance. It is supported by the Office of Unemployment Compensation Benefits Policy and Tax Services which enforces and administers those regulations and ensures that employers comply with the tax obligations.

If you or a loved one believes that your employer is failing to respect your rights in any way, then you may want to speak to an attorney. Many of your rights are enforced at the state level, rather than federal; an attorney may help you discern which course is the best option.

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