GE mechanic files suit of work-related shoulder injury

Individuals who live and work in the Pittsburgh or Allegheny areas of Pennsylvania understand that accidents can occur on the job. While work-related injuries are reduced by careful planning, common sense and safety training, incidents still occur. When an accident or injury is the fault of another party or caused by the negligence or carelessness of others, the injured person may have a basis for a workers' compensation or personal injury claim.

A mechanic who worked for GE feels he has a case regarding a shoulder injury. The man is filing a lawsuit asking for payment of medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional trauma, and past and future embarrassment. The law suit relates to an accident that occurred while the mechanic was working on a helicopter.

According to the mechanic, he and several coworkers were inspecting emergency flotation devices on a helicopter for GE. At the same time, engineers were inspecting the helicopter's electrical system. According to the plaintiff, he was not aware of the activity of the engineers.

At the end of the floatation-device testing, the mechanic performed a final check. To perform this check, the helicopter was jacked up so that underside chambers that held the emergency devices could be reached. According to the plaintiff, one of those chambers suddenly opened with force, striking him.

The plaintiff reports that he was thrown across the hanger by the force, which causes a serious injury to his shoulder. He states the incident was caused by the activity of the engineers. He is suing GE, claiming they were negligent in several ways, such as not training staff about safety precautions and failing to create safe inspection policies.

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