Incidence of workplace accidents

As some Pennsylvania workers may know, workplace injuries are most common in certain types of employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three million workers are hurt annually in the private sector. While certain jobs have a higher propensity for injury, workplace accidents and injuries happen in a variety of industries.

According to a representative from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, while some industries such as construction and oil are singled out as those in which injuries often happen, others including health care report injuries caused by lifting patients. The fast food industry's issue with work-related injuries and remedies offered by managers are the source of many complaints.

The actual number of Workplace Injuries is nearly 3 million fewer today than it was several decades ago. However, some employers do not report all work-related injuries. Some states where worker fatality rates exceed reports of worker injuries and accidents may indicate underreporting, according to the AFL-CIO. States in which this discrepancy is evidenced include Texas and Louisiana.

According to a report by the University of California, illnesses and injuries in the workplace cost about $250 billion annually. This is divided between medical expenditures and related, indirect costs. Workers' Compensation covers approximately 25 percent.

Workplace injuries due to musculoskeletal injury, including those related to carpal tunnel syndrome, are common. For instance, injuries encountered while typing or using a computer are included in the 380,600 days lost at work each year.

When a worker is injured at work, whether at a construction site or sitting behind a desk, they may be eligible for workers' compensation. An attorney may provide the injured worker with state-specific eligibility requirements. The attorney may help the worker file and, if the claim is denied, the attorney may challenge that decision.

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