Mailman suffers work-related injuries due to dog bite

When most people in Pennsylvania think of dangerous occupations, a mail carrier is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, they often walk into unknown situations and face unexpected dangers, especially in the form of dogs that may not know them. Unfortunately, a postal worker in another state has found himself out-of-work for several weeks after he suffered work-related injuries related to a dog bite.

The incident reportedly occurred on a Monday afternoon. The worker claims he was approaching a house when he noticed that the door was open, leaving only a screen in place. Despite the screen door, an American bulldog was able to exit the house. The man claims he attempted to defend himself but was bitten on the hand.

Unfortunately, the bite became infected, prolonging his recovery. He expects to miss up to three weeks of work because of the injury. The dog's shots were not up-to-date, and it will be returned to the owner after a quarantine period. However, the owner will have to erect a mailbox on the street or rent a private box at the post office to receive her mail.

A week-long hospital stay will likely result in large amounts of medical bills. Because the man must also miss several weeks of work, he could become concerned about his ability to manage this debt. Fortunately, employers in Pennsylvania and across the country are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits in the event of work-related injuries such as these. An attorney with experience with the benefit process can help these victims fully understand their rights and seek adequate compensation.

Source:, "Mail carrier bit by dog", Ty Batemon, Aug. 24, 2017

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