Man in critical condition due to work-related injuries

Despite the many safety precautions that are in place in industrial settings in Pennsylvania and across the country, unexpected circumstances can arise, placing workers' lives at risk. Unfortunately, even the safest of workers could become involved in a workplace accident. In fact, a man in another state is in critical condition after he suffered work-related injuries.

The incident that led to the man's hospitalization happened one afternoon on a day in early March. According to reports, workers called 911 to report that a worker had become lodged in a piece of industrial equipment. At the time of the call, CPR was being administered.

Emergency responders also provided treatment at the scene before the 40-year-old man was transported to the hospital due to the critical injuries he suffered. The investigation that followed revealed important details about the incident. Officials claim that the man became stuck in the housing of a conveyor belt used to sift dirt; he is an employee of BGLJ Servicing Corporation. His co-workers extricated him from the machine.

Even simple procedures at the hospital can result in extensive medical bills. A lengthy hospitalization as a result of serious work-related injuries can create significant medical debt. In combination with lost wages, injured workers could face financial harm if Pennsylvania and other states did not require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits that can help victims with many of the expenses associated with such an accident. Despite deserving such compensation, many workers find the process complicated, especially during a time of recovery, prompting them to seek guidance from experienced professionals.

Source: North Fork, NY Patch, "Worker Critically Injured In Industrial Equipment Accident", Lisa Finn, March 6, 2018

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