Man injured on the job spared amputation

The average person in Pennsylvania is likely unaware of all that goes into the construction of a building. For example, often various parts of a house, for example, are built in an industrial setting and then shipped to the construction site. Unfortunately, a man who works at a company that creates the trusses used in the construction of pitched roofs was recently injured on the job.

The incident happened on a day in mid-November. According to reports, the victim suffered what was described as a "deep laceration" on his arm. While many of the details regarding the accident are unclear, reports indicate that saws are used to build the trusses.

Following his injury, a co-worker tied a tourniquet around his arm while others flagged down a passing fire truck. The man was transported to the hospital, and a representative for the company, Valle del Sol Components LLC, claims that the man likely will not lose his hand as a result of the quick thinking of his co-workers. While the deputy fire chief would not comment directly on this case, he did say generally that tourniquets can save lives in certain situations.

While it seems that those who work with the man think that he will not lose his arm, it is unclear how much his injury will impact him long-term. Many people who are injured on the job are often unable to return to work in the same capacity, potentially resulting in a loss of wages. Even though they likely qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits, many people in Pennsylvania are unaware of what qualifies as a fair settlement. Fortunately, there are attorneys with experience with the compensation process who can help these victims make the necessary decisions in their pursuit for the benefits they deserve.

Source:, "Tourniquet saved man's hand following industrial accident", Kate Bieri, Nov. 15, 2017

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