Man suffers critical work-related injuries, undergoes surgery

Employees in Pennsylvania often go to great lengths in order to protect their employees. They provide safety equipment as well as individual training in addition to various other measures. Unfortunately, there are some dangers in the workplace that are difficult to anticipate, leaving some employees suffering from work-related injuries.

Such is the case following a recent incident in another state. According to reports, it happened at an industrial site one afternoon on a day in mid-March. A worker's head became trapped between the cab of an excavator and its boom -- the long arm on the piece of machinery typically used to dig or perform other tasks. Emergency personnel used specialized equipment to extricate the man. Once on the scene of the accident, one firefighter claims that it took approximately eight minutes to free the man.

Afterward, he was transported to the hospital for treatment. He has since undergone surgery and is listed in critical condition. Many details of the incident are unclear at this time, including how the worker became trapped and the extent of the man's injuries.

Recovery from surgery -- especially following a head injury -- can often be lengthy and require significant medical help. Because those suffering from work-related injuries may be unable to work while they undergo necessary treatment, they may face an uncertain financial future. Fortunately, they likely qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits. Because people in Pennsylvania suffering from serious injuries may struggle with the compensation process, many choose to seek help from an attorney with experience regarding such benefits.

Source:, "Industrial Accident Leads to Rescue Operation Just Outside Lubbock", Anna (Elizabeth) Pace, March 16, 2017

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