Man suffers fatal work-related injuries in helicopter crash

While no one in Pennsylvania wants or expects to be involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, many take comfort in the knowledge that there are trained professionals ready and willing to respond to help them receive the most appropriate medical care should they need it. However, many people may not realize the hazards that emergency responders may face. In fact, officials are currently investigating an accident that resulted in fatal work-related injuries for a helicopter pilot.

The incident happened at approximately noon on a day in May. According to some reports, a pilot was taking a helicopter apparently traditionally used to transport patients in emergency situations on a training flight. Unfortunately, the helicopter crashed, causing it to immediately burst into flames.

The accident occurred at a post office facility, and an outbuilding and vehicles parked nearby sustained minor damage in the crash. A witness claims to have heard a noise that reportedly became "stronger and stronger" just before the crash and ensuing explosion. It is unclear what caused the crash, but the incident remains under investigation.

A loss such as this is never easy for family members to endure. Unfortunately, the grieving process is often complicated for some by the unexpected financial burdens created by their loss. Funeral expenses, in combination with loss of wages, can quickly become overwhelming. When a loss comes as a result of work-related injuries, families may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits, prompting many in Pennsylvania to seek guidance from an attorney to help them fully understand their rights.

Source: CBS News, "1 dead after medical helicopter crash in Delaware industrial park", May 25, 2017

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