Man suffers work-related injuries after pipeline hit

Most anyone in Pennsylvania who has had to dig as part of one's employment or while conducting a home improvement project has likely been warned of the importance of calling to request that utility lines are marked beforehand. However, many people may be unaware of the importance of this step. Even when 811 is called, a slight miscalculation can result in serious work-related injuries.

For example, a man in another state recently suffered severe burns to his body. The incident that led to his injuries reportedly happened on a day in early September. Reports indicate that a full crew was digging a trench.

Unfortunately, the crew reportedly struck a pipeline, apparently resulting in the injuries to the worker; reports indicate that the man was listed in critical condition following the accident. Those near the area reported seeing thick, black smoke in the area. Workers claim that 811 had been called before digging took place, and the reason the pipeline was struck is unclear. The pipeline was rendered out of service as a result of the accident.

Burn injuries often require extensive, long-term medical treatment. Victims can face significant medical bills as they receive the necessary care. Additionally, many victims are unable to return to work in the same capacity. Fortunately, people in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country who suffer work-related injuries often qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits. To help ensure fair treatment, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from an attorney who has experience with the compensation process.

Source:, "Man burned in Midland Co. industrial accident identified, in critical condition", Violet Trevizo, Ronnie Marley, Roxana Rubio, Sept. 8, 2017

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