Miner dies in Pennsylvania accident

Working in an unsafe environment is an extremely unpleasant and unsettling experience. You do your best to fulfill the requirements of your position, yet you may be constantly burdened by the worry that you or one of your colleagues could be injured at any time. Some jobs come with risks, but your employer is obliged to provide you with safety equipment and training to protect you from such hazards.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen and in some cases the dangers are not even a necessary part of the job. Sometimes it is merely the negligence of the employer that allows conditions to reach a point where they become a danger to employees. If you notice such hazards, it is important to report them immediately. If your employer fails to address the issue, you can contact OSHA to ask that they investigate the problem.

Unsafe workplaces can cost lives or leave employees seriously injured. Such was the case in Pennsylvania when a 55-year-old man was crushed by collapsing framework after closing airlock doors at 4 West Mine. He was taken to a medical center where he was pronounced dead in the early hours of the morning.

The mine has been cited following an investigation by the Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP has also issued four compliance orders in connection with the worker's death, along with a separate fifth. These included issues such as loose gravel and an illegal hard hat.

Unfortunately, accidents like this are all too common and many employees have their lives turned upside down by these incidents. If you have been injured at work, you may benefit from making a workers' compensation claim. An attorney can advise you about your options and might be able to guide you through the legal process as you pursue the remuneration you deserve.

Source: Herald Standard, "Mining operations halted, mine cited after miner's death," July 1, 2015

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