Officer suffers work-related injuries in dog attack

Police officers in Pennsylvania and across the country place themselves in danger daily in order to protect others. Often, risk comes from unexpected places, and what appears to be a relatively harmless task -- such as a wellness check -- can quickly become dangerous. Unfortunately, a police officer in another state was recently hospitalized after he suffered work-related injuries during a dog attack.

The incident reportedly occurred one afternoon on a day in late May. According to the reports, a concerned mother contacted police, asking them to check on her son. She claimed that although she dropped her son off at school, she noticed -- through the use of security cameras -- that he returned home.

The deputy claims that when no one came to the front door, he went to the back where he was attacked by two dogs. He was treated for bites on his arms and legs at the hospital and then released; however, he was readmitted to the hospital after he developed an infection that resulted in a high fever. Family members report that he will likely remain in the hospital for several days. He is being evaluated by an infectious disease specialist.

Unfortunately, work-related injuries are not new to police officers. However, if injured in the line of duty, they likely qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits. While he could ultimately decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the owners of the dogs, his workers' comp benefits can provide for medical expenses and lost wages. Many people in Pennsylvania who deserve such benefits often seek advice from an attorney with experience with the compensation process.

Source:, "Jefferson County deputy hospitalized after on-duty dog attack", Carol Robinson, May 28, 2017

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