Officials investigate fatal workplace accident

Although most employers go to great lengths to ensure that workers remain safe as they complete their work responsibilities, employees can still become injured. As a result, Pennsylvania requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits to their employees. One out-of-state family may qualify for these benefits after a recent fatal workplace accident.

The incident happened at a construction company called Steel Summit. According to reports, a 46-year-old man was trapped under a steel coil that fell at the business. The coil reportedly weighted 30,000 pounds.

A 911 call reveals the intensity of the situation. A caller told the 911 operator that a co-worker held the injured man's hand until help arrived. Although a caller indicated that they had a crane they could use to lift the coil, the dispatcher advised them to wait for emergency rescuers. Unfortunately, the man passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the accident.

The incident is under investigation by the local coroner's officer as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. These investigations can help determine the cause of the fatal workplace accident and potentially result in fines and/or citations if it is found that violations of workplace standards led to the accident. In some cases, such an investigation can help family members find closure following their unexpected loss. Fortunately, workers' compensation insurance benefits can also help surviving family members in Pennsylvania cope with the financial implications created by medical bills, funeral expenses and lost wages. Because negotiating with an insurance company can be difficult enough even under the best of circumstances, those in mourning often opt to hire an experienced attorney to negotiate on their behalf.

Source:, "Worker killed in industrial accident at Steel Summit in Forest Park", April 10, 2017

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