Pennsylvania DOT worker suffers fatal work-related injuries

When roads are bad due to ice or snow, it is necessary to adjust speed to the road conditions. Failing to do so could have serious consequences for a variety of different people, including those who work to warn others of dangerous road hazards. Unfortunately, a worker for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently suffered fatal work-related injuries while attempting to fulfill his job responsibilities.

The incident that led to the man's death reportedly happened on a day in mid-February. According to reports, the 45-year-old man was attempting to warn others about an unrelated car accident by placing flares in the road. Unfortunately, he was reportedly struck by a vehicle while doing so.

While the incident remains under investigation, officials apparently believe that a driver who was speeding on icy roads may have caused the accident. It is unclear if any charges were filed as a result of the accident. Unfortunately, the man's death is not an isolated incident; approximately 90 PennDOT workers suffered fatal injuries since 1970 while 30 employees for the Pennsylvania Turnpike were killed.

Unfortunately, the deceased worker leaves behind a wife and two children. While the emotional consequences of such an accident are often obvious, many people in Pennsylvania may be less aware of the financial consequences of an unexpected loss. Because work-related injuries can leave families struggling as a result of lost wages and funeral costs, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits. Despite deserving such compensation, many grieving families find the process complicated, prompting them to seek assistance from an experienced professional.

Source:, "Highway worker's death should remind all of us to slow down", Paul Muschick, Feb. 22, 2018

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