Pennsylvania worker files suit after being injured on the job

A Queen Lane Water Treatment Plant guard has filed a personal injury claim against Hinkle Trucking Inc. The worker, who has been diagnosed with corneal inflammation and removed to restricted work duties, claims the trucking company is responsible for several negligent acts, including poor and improper use of safety procedures and equipment. After being injured on the job, the Philadelphia worker filed the lawsuit in Philadelphia's Common Pleas Court. The company has requested the case be heard under federal jurisdiction.

The incident involved a delivery of lime by one of the company's trucks. The lime was blown into the victim's face, which resulted in the diagnosis of chemical keratitis. Plaintiff documents state the condition results in chronic redness and irritation, permanent sensitivity to light, permanent and partial disability, and the need for lifelong treatment.

Among the alleged acts of negligence are a failure to protect employees at the reservoir from lime exposure and lack of necessary equipment for safely offloading the substance. Differing states of citizenship and the expected claim amount were reasons given in the West Virginia company's removal request.

When a workplace injury is thought to be caused by negligence of another party, the worker may have grounds to receive compensation. Even a minor injury may result in inability to perform the same job for some amount of time, medical expenses and lost wages. With a serious injury, the worker's potential lifetime earnings may be impacted. Permanent disability could also mean ongoing costs related to rehabilitation, occupational therapy and long-term care. Individuals injured on the job may find assistance from a worker's compensation attorney.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, "Trucking co. being sued by Phila. water reservoir guard seeks to transfer matter to federal court," John Campisi, April 4, 2013

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