PNC Park Employee Harassed And Assaulted

Pittsburgh police are investigating an assault against an employee working at PNC Park early Wednesday morning. The Pennsylvania resident who was attacked claims that he was at work at the stadium, where he is employed through a temporary agency, when he was forced into an altercation between himself and a co-worker.

The victim was injured on the job, sustaining a broken leg. He was unable to identify the assailant specifically, stating only that he was another temporary agency employee dressed in blue Dickies. The victim stated that he was waiting near the men's restroom in Section 129 when the other employee approached him, claimed to take offense at his manner of speech, and then became violent and abusive.

The injured employee claimed that the assailant threw Gatorade in his face and then pushed him to the ground, which is when the injury to his leg was sustained. The co-worker ran away before the police arrived. Plainclothes officers are investigating the case and hope to find the alleged attacker soon.

When someone is injured on the job, whether due to unsafe working conditions or to the act of another, he or she may wonder what rights and remedies are available. A Pennsylvania attorney with experience in workers' compensation matters may be able to guide that employee through the process of preparing, filing, and perfecting a claim with the appropriate agency. Such an attorney may also be able to advise that employee as to the potential availability of other legal remedies by which the employee may receive compensation for any loss of wages, medical expenses, and costs of rehabilitation.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "PNC Park temp worker injured after another pours Gatorade on him, shoves him to ground", Liz Navratil, September 18, 2013

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