Risk of injury increases after daylight saving time change

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to learn that researchers have found a link between an increased injury rate and the time change occurring with daylight saving time. According to the research, injuries that occurred were both more numerous and more severe than those occurring at other times of the year.

The researchers reviewed data from the U.S. Department of Labor's workplace injury data from 1983 to 2006. During those years, researchers found injury rates increased on the Monday following the time change.

Daylight saving time reportedly results in an average loss of 40 minutes of sleep. The study demonstrated a 5.7 percent increase in injury rates as well as the loss of almost 68 percent more work days lost as a result of those injuries. There was no corresponding injury correlation with the autumn time change, however. Researchers suggest that employers should schedule potentially hazardous activities later if possible. Other suggested changes include a modified work schedule for a few days following the springtime change in order to allow workers time to adjust.

People who are injured on the job may want to consider filing workers' compensation claims for benefits. Employers are required to carry such insurance coverage in order to protect workers from losses caused by workplace accidents. Through a workers' compensation claim, an injured worker may recover the cost of associated medical expenses, ongoing treatment costs and any needed medical equipment. If the accident results in the worker's being unable to work in the same capacity, a percentage of the lost income may also be available. A worker's compensation attorney can assist a client throughout the process.

Source: Society for Human Resource Management, "Workplace Injuries Spike After Daylight Saving Time Change", Roy Maurer, March 6, 2015

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