State police investigate wrongful death at workplace

Pennsylvania State Police and the Occupational Safety and Health Association are investigating  a workplace accident that resulted in the death of a Pennsylvania man who was an employee of Plum Corp. The employee was killed in an accident on the job occurring on June 14. Plum Corp., located in Hempfield Township, manufactures industrial and commercial metal roofing and siding materials.

The factory accident happened when the employee, a 60 year old man, was using a 15-ton overhead crane moving a metal coil weighing 10,000 pounds. While moving the coil, another coil weighing around 5,000 pounds slipped out of position and hit the man pinning him against a stack of metal coils. He was pronounced dead at the scene due to massive chest injuries. Officials have determined that the cause of death was accidental.

Factory work can expose workers to serious injury and even death from industrial and workplace accidents. Workers' compensation is designed to provide financial compensation to employees who are injured in accidents occurring on the job. In an accident where the employee dies workers' compensation provides death benefits to survivors such as spouses, children and/or dependents. There also may be other possible lawsuits such as a wrongful death action.

Pennsylvania workers travel to manufacturing plants and industrial facilities every day where they work with heavy and complex machinery that pose potential risks and increased chances of job accidents and injury. Victims of industrial accidents may benefit from consulting a personal injury attorney with experience in industrial accidents. As attorneys we cannot heal the injured worker or fix them. However, an attorney's legal assistance following a factory accident or workplace injury may be able to maximize an injured employee's financial compensation. 

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