Study finds nurses are experiencing more workplace injuries

Many people associate workplace injuries with places like construction sites, mines, and factories. But workplace injuries can occur everywhere, even in offices (albeit with less frequency and seriousness). Unfortunately, a recent study found that assaults on emergency room nurses are on the rise. Emergency room nurses respond to dangerous situations every day and are thus more exposed to harm than other medical professionals.

The problem was caused by a combination of the downturn in the economy and a rise in alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, people who go to the ER while drunk or high are more likely to attack the nurse that is trying to treat them.

Furthermore, according to a professor from the University of Cincinnati, the concern is also about the nature of the assaults. More and more attacks are being conducted with guns and knives and therefore are making ERs more violent.

States have responded by increasing penalties for attacks on nurses. But the threat of stiff prosecution is unlikely to deter people who attack nurses. To protect their nurses, many hospitals are increasing security in ERs.

If you suffered a workplace injury, you might want to consult with an experienced attorney. You are entitled to worker's compensation, even if the injury is due to the actions of another person. Injuries that are related to your job and that occur during your job are covered by worker's compensation. An experienced attorney can help you get the money you need while you get back on your feet.


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