The danger of working in confined spaces

Construction sites are full of dangers from exposed wiring, dangerous gas build-ups to heavy equipment and even confined spaces. Confined spaces may not seem dangerous at first blush. However, that extreme constriction of movement can be incredibly dangerous on a construction site where seconds can mean the difference between life and death. This article will go over those dangers and how you might be able to avoid them.

Working in a confined space for a construction worker is almost par for the course. Everyone will likely have to do it at some point. Unfortunately, confined spaces are also incredibly dangerous for construction workers to operate in. You are prevented from quickly escaping in the event of an emergency, and toxins build up more quickly, and you could suffocate. This article will go over some of the safety tips that both employers and workers can adopt to avoid this result.

These spaces are not designed for continuous occupancy, therefore, it is important that your time in them be as limited as possible. Even the act of breathing in these tight spaces could make the air toxic for you to breathe and contribute to the danger. It is important that you and your employer take operating in these environments seriously to minimize the danger.

Constructions sites and injuries are an inevitable duet of danger. Just because injuries are common or even expected in a particular job does not mean that your right to compensation is reduced. If you or a friend was injured while working on a site, then you may want to speak with an attorney. Workers' compensation claims must adhere to strict filing deadlines and reporting requirements. A lawyer can help you prepare your claim to maximize your chance of collecting compensation.

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