What kind of injuries does workers' compensation cover

Pennsylvania workers may wonder about the types of injuries covered under workers' compensation insurance that is typically required to be carried by employers. Conditions covered must be related to an individual's employment. In the case of injuries, eligibility for coverage may be based on the activities resulting in an incident or on the location where a worker was when an injury occurred.

Work-related injuries are not difficult to identify if they occur at one's place of employment. However, injuries suffered away from the workplace may also be eligible if they have occurred while activities were being done for the employer. These could include transportation incidents during the delivery of materials or incidents occurring at company-sponsored social events away from the workplace. Injuries during break times may also be covered if they take place at a company location such as a break room or cafeteria.

In some cases, injuries attributed to horseplay or alcohol consumption might be eligible for workers' compensation coverage if they relate to workplace or employer actions. Alcohol-related injuries could be covered if the employer serves alcohol at an event sponsored by the company. Employee classification may be important in determining whether any eligibility exists. For example, independent contractors are not eligible, and in some states, undocumented workers may not be covered. Additionally, some states do not require coverage for domestic, agricultural or seasonal workers.

An individual who is unsure of eligibility for coverage after an injury may find it helpful to discuss the situation with an attorney who has experience in workers' compensation matters. Those who may not be eligible for workers' compensation benefits may have other options such as a personal injury claim for seeking compensation for injuries suffered during work-related activities.

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