Woman suffers severe work-related injuries in machinery incident

Most workplaces in Pennsylvania and across the country have a variety of different measures in place to help ensure employee safety throughout the work day. Unfortunately, not all accidents can be prevented. For example, a woman in another state is recovering after she suffered work-related injuries that some reports describe as "traumatic."

According to other employees of Schick Manufacturing, the woman's arm became trapped in a piece of machinery just after 9 a.m. one morning on a day in May. A call was made to 911 as a result of the incident. While first responders claim that the woman's co-workers made attempts to free the woman -- including cutting the power to the machine -- it took them approximately 17 minutes to extricate her.

Rescue workers applied a tourniquet upon arrival due to the amount of blood the woman had lost. They transported her to the hospital where she is currently listed in serious condition. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident.

While modern medicine can often work miracles, in some cases a person is never able to completely recover from traumatic injuries. As a result, many people suffering from severe work-related injuries are often unable to return to work in the same capacity, in addition to encountering financial difficulties due to the medical bills created by the care they require. Fortunately, states require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage, which can help employees with the costs associated with such injuries. Many people in Pennsylvania who qualify for such benefits often seek guidance from a professional with experience with the compensation process to help them seek a fair settlement.  

Source: NBC Connecticut, "Schick Employee Injured in Industrial Accident in Milford", May 25, 2017

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