Workers' compensation for workers who drive

If you suffer a Work Injury, Work Related Accidents take all forms. Most people when they think of workers' compensation think of a middle aged man unshaven in a construction hat inured working on heavy machinery. But the truth is that work injuries occur to people of all walks of life-nurses, nurses aids, CNA's, cashiers, clerks, customer service representatives, laborers, white collar workers, cleaners, janitors, truck drivers, sales clerks, managers, supervisors, oil and gas workers, pizza delivery drivers etc...(any job you can think of), all income levels, all races, sexes (some studies show women are hurt as much if not more than men), and work related accidents can occur to anyone at anytime in all various manners.

Car accidents. If you are a delivery driver, truck driver, sales representative or are performing a job which requires you to drive a vehicle at the time you are injured or are in a car accident you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation, lost wages, medical bills paid and possibly a lump sum settlement for your injuries. Even someone who isn't in one of those professions but has to make a special trip or mission for the employer or special circumstances are such that you are furthering the interests of the employer and are involved in an automobile accident you may be entitled to workmens' compensation.

Slips, trips and falls. If you are injured on the premises of your employer you may entitled to workmens compensation. Interestingly many people get hurt before and after work on the employers sidewalk or the employers parking lot and aren't aware that they could be entitled to payments for lost wages, medical bills and possible a lump sum settlement for their injuries. Anyone who is on the employers premises and is considered furthering the interest of the employer and slips, trips or falls during work hours clearly should be entitled to workers' compensation benefits for their work injury. Minor deviances from the work station, such as bathroom breaks and even lunch may not bar entitlement to monies for your work injury.

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