Work-related injuries lead to leg amputation

While all occupations hold some degree of risk, those that involve the use of heavy machinery could be especially risky to workers in Pennsylvania and across the country. Unfortunately, a recent incident in another state emphasizes the risks that some workers face. In the accident, a man lost his leg as a result of work-related injuries.

Reports indicate that the accident happened one afternoon on a day in early February. Although many of the details of the accident are unclear, it is known that, unfortunately, a worker is said to have caught his leg in a trenching machine. Emergency responders claim that the man's leg was entangled in the machine's blades.

A surgeon was called to the scene to aid with extrication. However, the doctor advised the that leg would have to be amputated to free him. The worker was transported to the hospital by helicopter following the procedure, and he is expected to survive. The incident likely remains under investigation.

The man is probably feeling lucky to be alive following the work-related injuries that he suffered. Additionally, he is also likely wondering about his future as he recovers. To help him with his recovery process and reintegration to work -- if he is able to return -- he may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits. Employers in all states -- including Pennsylvania -- are required to prove these benefits to help workers in the event of an accident. To help secure full and fair compensation, many victims seek guidance from an attorney who is familiar with the process.  

Source:, "Texas worker loses leg in work accident", Feb. 2, 2018

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