Workers' compensation likely for 3 injured in industrial accident

You expect your workplace to be safe. Even in more dangerous jobs, you expect that your company has done everything in its power to provide you with proper training, functioning equipment, and safety measures to reduce those dangers. An industrial workplace can and should be as safe as any other employment site, although employers often have to take extra safety precautions to ensure healthy and injury-free workers. When an industrial accident happens, however, it can usually be traced back to equipment failure, a colleague's mistake, or a lack of safety warnings.

While industrial workers should not fear injury or death on the job, several employees of an industrial plant in Pennsylvania were injured in a recent explosion. The workers were burned after liquid salt exploded within the plant. The manufacturing company is located near central PA and produces roller and ball bearings, seals, and bearing housings. It also produces other components necessary for the machine tool industry.

It goes without saying that working with metals and manufacturing equipment opens workers up to a host of danger, but if their employers follow safety codes, continuously and thoroughly train employees, and hold regular safety checks of its machines and production processes, the risks of danger would considerably drop. In this case, it is unclear what caused the explosion, but it is likely that there will be further investigation by OSHA.

Three workers were taken by helicopter to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center to treat their burns. Once investigators determine what caused the accident, it would be reasonable for these men to seek workers' compensation for their pain, suffering, medical bills, and wages from missed time at work.

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