Workplace Injuries: Pennsylvania's Most High-Risk Jobs

pexels-photo123.jpgOn-the-job injuries can range from severe to minor and the risks involved vary dramatically between careers. Everyday tasks for a business professional are different than that of teachers and health service providers, but all in the workplace should exercise caution and be aware of potential hazards.

Some workplace accidents can prevent an injured worker from earning their income anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and in some cases, years. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are a few professions that pose the greatest threat to employees when it comes to workplace injury.

These are four of the most high-risk jobs throughout Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania has a rich history of agriculture and it's an industry that isn't slowing down. What makes this profession so high-risk is a combination of natural risks, such as the weather, and man-made risks, such as farming equipment.

A summary compiled at Penn State University in August 2017 determined more than 55 percent of fatal farming injuries were caused by off-road industrial vehicles and 18 percent were caused by natural forces of plants, trees, and unprocessed vegetation in 2016.


The term manufacturing is almost a blanket term, considering there are a number of professions and job titles that fall under this category. However, all of them pose certain high-risk factors.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, there are 12,796 firms in Pennsylvania. Most of these require workers to use heavy duty machinery to complete their tasks. The top five causes of these kinds of workplace injuries are contact with objects, overextension, slips, trips, and falls, repetitive motions, and contact with harmful substances.


It may come as a surprise, but teachers face many workplace injury risks on a daily basis, even though a career in education can be very rewarding.

In 2017, 45 teachers in the Harrisburg teacher's union resigned from their positions after filing several complaints regarding student-on-teacher violence with little to no action taken by their districts. Some of the behavior they reported witnessing and experiencing included hitting, kicking, and biting. Unfortunately, this trend is becoming more common and educators need to be aware and prepared for the workplace injury risks it poses to them.


You may groan when you get your electric bill in the mail each month, but the utility workers who work hard to ensure the electricity stays on in your house face life and death situations on a regular basis. This also applies to natural gas, water, and sewer workers.

Ways to protect against high-risk factors while on the job are mostly up to the employee and whether or not they choose to practice safe working habits. Wearing proper protection, from gloves or cover-up equipment, as well as using it properly are key components to maintaining a safe work environment.

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