Young worker severely burned by cooking oil at restaurant

Young workers are essential to drive the economy here in Pennsylvania and all around the country. A lot of people do a lot of difficult, relatively low-paying jobs that are essential to daily commerce. Unfortunately, many of these teenage workers might lack the experience or proper training they need to work in jobs that can be more dangerous than they might realize.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating an incident involving a young worker at a Pennsylvania restaurant last month. The 18-year-old worker was severely burned by cooking oil that spilled on her. She reportedly suffered burns over 30 percent of her body, including her head, and has required several skin grafts since she was injured on the job.

The young woman was taken by helicopter to the hospital to treat her injuries. Local police said they couldn't comment on the investigation because it was being handled by OSHA, which could take several months to issue its findings.

Burn injuries are obviously devastating to the people who suffer them. Extensive medical bills and permanent scarring or other disfigurement can stem from these sorts of injuries. In the case of burns to the head or face, the damage can be especially difficult to live with.

People who have been injured on the job need to know that there are resources available to them. Employees deserve to get help with their medical treatment and reimbursement from time they have to miss from work as a result of their injuries.

Source: The Phoenix Reporter & Item, "OSHA investigating Limerick eatery where employee was burned," Frank Otto, May 22, 2014

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